Getting started

1. Set up a cryptocurrency exchange accounts using the following secure links:




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Invitation Code:7RrJeN

There are more exchanges out there. The easiest one to start with is QuadrigaCX (they are Canadian). Note: You will need to verify documentation with them After your account is verified, you can fund it using the various methods listed on their website. Contact Raslabon if you need any further help.

2. Now that your account is funded with regular money (Canadian dollars), you can purchase digital currencies. At this time, the best digital currency to buy on QuadrigaCX is Ether (ETH). Within your dashboard, navigate to the ETH/CAD market pairing, then purchase the amount of desired Ether. Now you have Ether (Ethereum). With Ether, you can buy most of the other digital currencies (a list of all of them is available at ). For further details, contact Raslabon.

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